Potty Training: Flushable Wipes vs Toilet Paper

Potty Training: Flushable Wipes vs Toilet Paper

Let’s tackle this tricky part of potty training together!

Which is best for your toddler when it comes to potty training – flushable wipes or toilet paper?

Logic suggests that if the vast majority of parents use moist baby wipes to clean up urine and bowel movements for their babies, why do they suddenly switch to dry toilet paper when potty training? Wouldn’t a more natural choice be to switch to moist toilet tissue?

When it comes to your toddler there is one easy decision which you can make! Select flushable wipes instead of toilet paper.

Why use Toddler flushable wipes for potty training?

You know from first-hand experience that wet wipes are better than toilet paper when it comes to cleaning effectiveness. (Think back to that one time you ran out of baby wipes and had to manage with that pack of tissue from the bottom of your bag. You made sure it never happened again, right?)

You’ve used baby wipes with every nappy change because they are moist, so there’s less irritation and friction against the skin. They provide a more thorough cleaning experience. And you need fewer wet wipes to complete the job than regular toilet paper—without leaving paper bits or other residue behind.

So why stop using them when potty training begins?

Making it easy for kids to wipe their bottoms.

You want to make potty training a positive, successful experience for your child. Teaching them to use Nice ’N CLEAN® Toddler Wipes from the beginning will give them the same comfort they’ve experienced all their lives—and set up good hygiene habits that will last them a lifetime.

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Here are 5 reasons moist toilet tissue for toddlers is perfect for potty training:
Why do Nice ’N CLEAN® Toddler Wipes make GREAT potty-training wipes?

  1. We believe flushable wipes are more effective at cleaning and so more hygienic. Nice N’ CLEAN Toddler Wipes are specially designed to ensure a refreshing, soothing, and clean bathroom experience.
  2. Nice’ N CLEAN want to support toddlers on their journey to become independent potty users and our 99% pure water moist toilet tissue ensures that they are soft on children's skin. Our wipes are dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved.
  3. Nice N’CLEAN Toddler Wipes are “Fine to Flush” accredited giving you the reassurance you can flush wipes down the toilet without fear of blocking your pipes or sewage systems. This means that your toddler can just drop it in the toilet and flush it away when done with their business.
  4. Biodegradable and Plastic Free Wipes - It's important we do the best by the planet so Nice ‘N CLEAN Toddler moist toilet tissue wipes are plastic-free and biodegradable. The wipes are also sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  5. Recyclable Packaging - Nice ‘N CLEAN Toddler moist toilet tissue wipes are in recyclable packaging allowing you to dispose of the packet in a responsible way.

So, which for potty training – flushable wipes or toilet paper?

The answer is Nice ‘N CLEAN Toddler Wipes!

Of course, you want to help your child continue to stay clean and comfortable through the potty-training process … and beyond?

Set your child up with healthier habits from the very start by moving to flushable toddler moist toilet tissue when they take the big kid step up from baby wipes!

* Flush only one wipe at a time.

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