The perfect solution for a more comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience

The perfect solution for a more comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience

Nice ‘N CLEAN SecureFlush is a new brand of moist toilet tissue which has been designed to meet the needs of those looking for a convenient and hygienic bathroom experience. Unlike traditional toilet paper, moist toilet tissue is pre-moistened and designed to cleanse, refresh, and sooth sensitive areas.

 But what makes Nice ‘N CLEAN SecureFlush unique?

Our unique SecureFlush technology means our wipes break apart even faster than regular toilet paper, removing flush anxiety and giving you the confidence to use and flush moist toilet tissue. In fact, this technology means that you can flush up to 5 sheets at a time! That’s #flushingbrilliant.

And to add some further reassurance this product carries the ‘Fine to Flush’ certification mark, which means that SecureFlush Moist Toilet Tissue meets the ‘Fine to Flush’ specification set by the Water Industry.


These moist toilet tissue wipes are also plastic-free and biodegradable giving you the reassurance that you’re doing the best by the planet. Plus, they are packed in recyclable packaging allowing you to dispose of the packet in a responsible way

 Another benefit is that SecureFlush wipes are dermatologically tested, and kind on sensitive skin. There are three variants available

  • Fresh Fragrance wipes with aloe and Vitamin E
  • Fragrance-Free wipes with almond milk and vitamin E
  • Toddler SecureFlush which are fragrance-free and enriched with almond milk; designed for toddlers to help them independently wipe their bottom on their own!


Overall Nice ‘N CLEAN SecureFlush Moist Toilet Tissue is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high quality wipes that offer convenience, effectiveness, and reassurance that you’re still doing the best for the planet and yourself. They are Nice for You, Nice for our Planet!

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