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nice 'N CLEAN Wipes®

Toddler's Sensitive
Moist Toilet Tissue Wipes
60 wipes, single pack

Nice 'N CLEAN Toddler Sensitive Moist Toilet Tissue Wipes | Fine to Flush, Plastic Free & Biodegradable Wipes

  • FINE TO FLUSH ACCREDITED - Our My Nice Clean Bottom wipes are fine to flush accredited giving you the reassurance you can flush wipes down the toilet without fear of blocking sewage systems.
  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - Our 99% pure water moist toilet tissue are dermatologically and paediatrician approved; ensuring they are gentle on children's skin. 
  • BIODEGRADABLE & PLASTIC FREE WIPES: It's important we do the best by the planet so our toddler moist toilet tissue wipes are plastic-free and biodegradable. The wipes are also sourced from sustainably managed forests. 
  • DESIGNED WITH TODDLERS IN MIND - Our wipes have been designed with toddlers in mind as their strive for their independence and want to own their potty training experience. We know children find bottoms fascinating and we want to reflect this with our fun and cheeky blue-bottomed monkeys!
  • RECYCLABLE PACKAGING - Our Toddler moist toilet tissue wipes are in recyclable packaging allowing you to dispose of the packet in a responsible way.

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Designed to instil confidence in parents & independence in toddlers! 

Nice ‘N CLEAN My Nice Clean Bottom Wipes® help your child learn to clean their own bottom successfully. The pack is design to help keep your toddler’s focus on this important task, and the wipes have been tested by parents & their toddlers. These wipes are kind to sensitive skin, 99% water, hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists and paediatricians.




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